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If you are engaged as a temporary, freelance or contract hire with one of our clients, you become an artLinks employee. We manage all of your payroll needs and personnel responsibilities for every placement. This allows you to easily handle many assignments while the bulk of the administrative work is taken off your plate.

We also offer employee benefits, which include direct deposit, access to health insurance, and 401k/profit sharing once certain eligibility requirements are met. Not only do we facilitate your job search, we continue to look for your next opportunity. While you are on assignment, you can concentrate on your deliverables. We’ll be a step ahead, tracking your availability and marketing your skills.

Should any issues arise out of a placement which require our attention, we are here to listen and offer solutions to help you maintain an enjoyable work experience.

Start your creative job search now by registering with artLinks. We make finding employment as simple as possible. Give us a try!